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SSH Find User ID and replace it

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Sometimes you have a web site with a bunch of different users and groups. This can happen whenever are moving sites from one server to another. What happens when you don’t want to just use chown -R username:group file because it changes the user of all of these files? Here is a simple find and replace command that will look for a specific username and change it with another.

[cc lang=’php’ ]find . -uid <uid> -exec chown <new uid> {} \; [/cc]

Make sure you remove the <> around the user id.   So if you have a directory that has files with the user id 1001 and would like to change it to 2002. You would run the code like this:

[cc lang=’php’ ]find . -uid 1001 -exec chown 2002 {} \; [/cc]

This will run through the current file and change all users from 1001 to 2002.

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