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Magento Show Latest Review on Product Page

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Want to show the latest product review on your product page? It is simple add the following

                $productId = $this->getProduct()->getId(); 
                $reviews = Mage::getModel('review/review')
                    ->addEntityFilter('product', $productId)
                $ratings = array();
                if (count($reviews) > 0) {
                    $x = 1;
                    <div class="product-review-template">
                        <h2>Latest Review</h2>
                        <div class="single-review-template">
                                foreach ($reviews->getItems() as $review) {
                                    echo '<p>'.$review->getDetail().'</p>';
                                    echo '<p><span class="author">'.$review->getNickname().'</span>';
                                    foreach( $review->getRatingVotes() as $vote ) {
                                        echo '<span class="stars">'.$vote->getRatingCode().' - '.$vote->getPercent().'</span></p>';
                                    if($x == 1){ break; }
<?php } ?>

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