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Magento JQuery Product Fade in On Scroll

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Want to add a fade in effect through jQuery when users are scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Add the following code to the header of your pages.

Create a code in the js file called script.js. Add the following code.

var $j = jQuery.noConflict();
$j(document).ready(function() {
$j(function() { // when the DOM is ready...
// Fade In function
// Hide Stuff
$j('.products-grid, #products-list li').hide();
tiles = $j(".products-grid, #products-list li").fadeTo(0, 0);
$j('.first').fadeTo(0, 1);

$j(window).scroll(function(d,h) {
tiles.each(function(i) {
a = $j(this).offset().top ;
b = $j(window).scrollTop() + $j(window).height() -100;
if (a < b) $j(this).fadeTo(700,1); }); });}); });

This will make it so that when the bottom of your browser hits the next product it will "fade in" the content. This works best for the products-grid layout.

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