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Magento MP Survey Change Default Page Layout

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I purchased and downloaded MagePage’s MP Survey. I had a client that need more than the default Magento page and survey system. I stumbled upon, which developed MP Survey. This Survey is awesome and did the trick. I might do a review about it at a later date.

Anyway, I ran into an issue where the default page layout was not what I wanted. By default it was 2 column, I just wanted one. After about 30 mins of messing around I was able to make this to my 1-column layout.

Here is what you do. Go to /app/design/frontend/puroast/default/layout

There back up the file survey.xml.

Now open up and edit this file and look for the following:

Add the following right after this tag.

That should fix the issue. You can also apply this after survey_category_view and survey_index_index if you would like.

That sohuld fix it.

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