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Magento – FIX: Coupon Code
Submit Button Not Working

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I had a client come up to me which a strange magento situation.  The template or extensions they installed seamed to have broken the coupon code submit button on their cart page.  People could not submit a coupon code by clicking the “Apply Coupon” button.  They had to hit enter.  The clients could not find the javascript that was producing the error.  So, I was contacted to provide them with a magneto workaround.  The solution is quite simple.

Find the pesky code:

[cc lang=’php’ ][/cc]

and change it to:

[cc lang=’php’ ][/cc]

By removing type=”button” the error seems to correct itself.  After removing the type, the button magically started working again!  I know this treating the symptom not the problem, but hey it works.


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