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Magento – Fix Payment Authorization Error or Payment Capturing Error

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Sometimes when you are creating a new magento store you will run into one of the following errors when trying to connect the cart to

Payment authorization error or Payment capturing error

You will see these pages on the magento checkout page right after you place in your credit card information and attempt to confirm the order. This error can be frustrating but with these few steps you should be able to troubleshoot the problem.

Fix “Payment Authorization error” or “Payment capturing error” in Magento. Step One: Verify your API ID and Transaction Key

Step one, make sure your API Login and Transaction Key are correct.
To do this go to and login to the account.

Once logged in click on the “Account” tab. After the page reloads find “API Login ID and Transaction Key”. This should be located under “Security Settings”. Click on this link. After the page reloads you will see your API Login ID. Write this id down. I do not recommend copying and pasting it, sometimes your computer will add extra whitespaces which will cause errors.

Second you will want to create a new transaction key. This is near the bottom of the page. WARNING, once you do this you will have 24 hours to update all transaction keys. So if you have it on multiple sites, you have to change the key on those sites. Enter in your secret answer and hit submit. Once the page reloads you will get your new transaction key, again write it down. I do not recommend copy and pasting it.

Now open a new browser tab and go to your magento backend. Click on “System > Configuration” and then navigate to the Payment Methods tab.
Navigate to the tab and enter in your API Login and new Transaction Key.

If this does not work continue onto the next step, checking your payment form.

Step Two: Check Payment Form in

Next you will want to check your payment form in Sign back into your account by going to the following page:

Once logged click on the “Accounts” tab. Once the page reloads you will see a link called “Payment Form”. Click on this link and then click on “Form Fields”.

Once the form fields page reloads you should see a title of “Payment Form – Fields”. On this page you will want to make sure only the needed magneto fields are required. By default “Company” might be set to required. Uncheck this if it is, I prefer only having the following set to required: Invoice No, Address, Zip.

After you are done with the changes navigate to the bottom of the page and click on “Submit”.

We are close to being done. Now we just have to make sure our Gateway is set correctly.

Step Three: Check Gateway Url in to squash that Payment authorization error in Magento.

Sometimes if you are going through an reseller you will not have the correct Gateway URL set up. By default for magneto this url is set to

For my account by default it was set to:

So in your account again click on the “Account” tab. Once the page reloads find “Response/Recipt URLs”. Click on this link and wait for the page to reload. On the new page look for the url if it is not there click on “Add Url” and simply add this url.

Now go to your magento site and test it! It should work at this point.

Hopefully this will have resolved your Payment authorization error or Payment capture error in magento!

Sometimes you will get a new error stating your are in (TESTMODE) if this happens you have one last thing to do in However, if you have made it this far you have probably already solved this problem. It usually happens first because you are still in test mode. I will be writing an article to fix this issue later.

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