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Get a Crap Ton of Free Keywords with Keywords Shitter

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Using Keywords Shitter

Video Transcript for Keywords Shitter Tutorial

Ladies and gentlemen, now I’m going to show you one of my favorite keyword research tools that you can use for free Keywords Shitter. There are tons of other tools out there that we’ll be going over later but this is one of the best ones for free that I can think of. And if you have other ones and suggestions, let me know.

Using Keywords Shitter & Keywords Everywhere

Get the Most Out of Keywords Shitter with Keywords Everywhere!

So, you’re going to want to log in to your Google Chrome, the one where you have Keywords Everywhere enabled. If you don’t have Keywords Everywhere enabled like you can see on my top screen, you need to go back to one of the other videos that helps you enable this, because without Keywords Everywhere enabled, this site is, although powerful, it’s not as powerful as it could be.

So, in here, you’re going to see a couple boxes, you’re going to have a positive filter and a negative filter, we’ll talk about that in a second. But in here, this is where you’re going to put a keyword suggestion, so this is kind of your category, a short tail keyword, one to two words. And in this case, I’m going to just keep it vague and I’m going to say Animation.

As I type that out, you’ll notice below that Animation pops up with the search volume, cost per click and then this is also the competitiveness and so, that’s why it’s highlighted in green. And it’s starred because I’ve actually starred this before. So, now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead and click ‘Start job’. And so, ‘start job’ or if you’ve done this for the first time and you click on the website, it might say ‘shit keywords’ – and that’s literally what it does – pardon my French – but it goes in and it just starts to pump out all sorts of different keyword combinations that you might be looking up on Google, suggested keywords.

Stop Keywords Shitter

Then go ahead and stop it. You can let this thing run as long as you want but I’m going to stop it right now; it’s going to have all of these keywords, I mean in a matter of seconds, it generates over six hundred 600 keyword combinations. So, this time is the time where you can go through and you can start starring different keywords that you might want to try to create an article for or optimize for.

When using Keywords Shitter, you’re looking for high volume, low cost per click and low competitiveness.

Now, again, at this moment, you don’t need to necessarily filter so much down based upon the volume, I mean really you should be kind of not frugal with the ones that you’re starring. But you should be, as you are reading these keywords and thinking about them, ‘can I write content that is in line with my content mission statement?’ and if you haven’t started that content mission statement which was in another video, I really suggest that you do so because you’re trying to come up with content that’s great for user and the benefit is that it also is related to these keywords. So, everything, again, should be content-driven.

Be aware of vague topics

If, for example, I’m trying to do tips and tricks on animation movies, this one might be pretty vague. I feel like that this is probably a keyword that people are looking for to watch animated movies, not necessarily make animation movies but this animation throwdown, perhaps it has to do something with people, it’s a throw down that people do to create animation and that’s kind of for younger animators or junior level animators that I want to optimize for. I’m not too sure.

But at this point, I’m trying to come up with tips and tricks for animation, so I’m going to go in here and say, OK well, maybe this animation creator might be one, animation free software – so, maybe tips of animation free software that I want to do – again, this programming, animation programs, this is probably not a good one, the bid is kind of high, great volume but I’m also thinking that I’m probably going to be competing against animation programs out there and I don’t necessarily want to do that.

I don’t really care about Animation Studios, perhaps Animation Jobs, maybe even Animation Mentor – that’s a school – and I know that they provide tips and tricks, so maybe I want to write a review about them or research them a bit more. Animation Online, maybe I want to do something with online animation.

Use your Content Mission Statement

You can kind of see that I’m going through here and I’m choosing animation topics that have to do with my content mission statement.

So, for example, Animation Games, like that’s too vague maybe perhaps at this point and also, again, high competition, right, but you’re going through here and you’re saying what kind of keywords can I use to make content for and just go ahead and star all these, star the ones that you like. Now, once you’ve kind of found a couple of them, you can even go back in here and let’s say I really like animation software, I can go back in, delete this and type in ‘Animation software’, then I can start the job again and I can see what this program shits out now. And I go ahead and stop it after a while, I’ll probably want to keep it running for a longer period of time.

The more research you do, the better, you can’t overdo it at this point.

And I just go in here and I do the same process. So, Animation Software Free, Animation Software for Mac, Animation Software Online, Animation Software for Beginners, Animation Software for Chromebook, like these could all be good things, like Animation Software for Beginners Free, that’s a really good one, especially if I’m doing tips and tricks. So, you can see my thoughts behind it. So, go ahead and just continually go through that.

Now, the positive filter and the negative filter. A negative filter is, let’s say that you want to filter out the word ‘free’ and now, you’ll notice that my ‘free’, anything that had ‘free’ behind it removed. So, if you look at below the screen, it’s kind of hard to see, but I have this Animation Software Free, so I can type in ‘free’ and then all of a sudden, that goes away. So, that’s if there’s any negative keywords, so if you’re not wanting to go after the words ‘cheap’ or any sort of keyword that is kind of against your industry, this will help you filter out. Also, positive keywords, so let’s type in Mac, so there we go. It’s acts like the negative filters as well; it filters out everything else except for Mac, so it has to have the keyword Mac in it.

Keywords Shitter a Free SEO Tool

Keywords Everywhere Recap

I hope that you find this tool helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

Again, go ahead and just star as many as you can at this moment. Don’t be frugal.

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