Getting your Website Blacklisted is Simple Just Don’t Protect Your Customers & Online Brand.

Wondering how you got your website blacklisted? Or, is your website ranking low on google? To do this is pretty simple, just neglect your customers, online brand, and marketing efforts. If you are in this spot the fix is simple, do it better.

People will try to sell you fancy marketing advice but it really boils down to the fact that you are not satisfying your customers. Perhaps worse, Google & customers have lost all trust in you.

Imagine going to your favorite local restaurant. You order some delicious yummy tacos for a low price of $8.99.

A month later, you notice you are light 70 bucks. You discover that a worker wrote down your card number and charged an extra $70.00. You would be furious. You might not go back to that restaurant. Your favorite restaurant’s brand instantly ruined in your eyes.

Online Branding & reputation are important; probably more so for your site due to the amount of competition online. Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Inc., once stated: “Brands are the solution, not the problem… brands are how you sort out the cesspool.” If the CEO of Google believes branding is important, you should too.

A good online brand is consistent. A good brand has integrity. A good brand protects its clients. A good brand goes above and beyond to make sure they keep their customer’s safe. A good online brand has trust.

Today our lives are digital, a simple script placed strategically on a site can lead to credit card information, social security, and home addresses stolen from your clients. Because of this, Google and other internet companies understand the importance of security.

Remember, Google is trying to keep people using Google. Searchers are more likely to click on their ads, and search results, knowing if they are safe. If the searcher’s information is stolen, they are more likely to try Bing next time. This is why Google has increasingly put emphasis on security in their search engine algorithm. So much so that if your site gets hacked, it is likely to get Blacklisted by Google! Why? Your brand broke trust just like your favorite restaurant!

Along with webite blacklisting, Google looks at many factors of a site to determine keyword ranking, some of which are security related, for example, whether or not your site has an SSL certificate to secure customer information. Security invokes trust. Trust generates sales. Don’t believe me, then why are there so many “security badges” on checkout pages.

Along with stealing information, hackers also try to take down sites using DDOS attacks. These attacks can take down your site for hours at a time. This is bad for reputation. Would your local restaurant have a good reputation if it was randomly closed throughout the week? Probably not. Just like local visitors, Google doesn’t like closed businesses either, nor do your visitors.

Online there is much more at stake; not only can a few bucks be stolen but your whole identity as well. The real scary fact is the job for hackers is becoming increasingly easier. Out of date sites and spaghetti code plugins are easy targets for bad guys.

Luckily you can prevent the bad guys from destroying your brand. Utilizing security solutions like Sucuri to monitor code, patch holes, and keep information secure not only protects your brand but your customers as well. Which if done consistently, with integrity, will generate immense rewards.