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6 Powerhouse Resources for Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

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Having the latest conversion rate optimization tips can skyrocket your business to the next level. In landing page optimization and conversion rate optimization, staying up to date gives you a marvelous edge on your competition. I’m Miles Sebesta, a professional online marketer. I teach this growth hacker marketing to students in Fresno, California at Geekwise Academy.  I have been doing online marketing, growth hacking, conversion rate optimization, landing page optimization and other “buzz words” for many years.  To get you “self-starters” on the right track, I have put together a list of resources that provide powerful conversion rate optimization tips. The list consists of books and a rockstar web. I wanted to create the list of professionally recommended resources to help start the conversation.

Today if your company isn’t doing some conversion rate optimization, you are behind the trend.  Conversion rate optimization can save your ROI (Return on Investment), especially on Paid Per Click (PPC) Campaigns. Proper conversion rate optimization is hard to obtain.  Why? no one wants to give away their secret sauce. Companies spend lots of money, time, and frankly commit many mistakes to come up with a strategy that works. Most startups don’t have the luxury of spending frivolous cash. So that is why I created this resource list.

Enough nonsense, now start the list.

Number 1: by Jakub Linowski

Quick Breakdown: Current, Inspiration, and Data Driven. Slight Con, this is definitely for those who are more experienced.

Go to right now! It is freaking fantastic. To be honest, this resources is for the more experienced CRO expert. provides great inspiration and data. The site is jam packed with conversion rate optimization tips. The creators of this tremendous site have a single goal: increase conversions through testing and proof. They are absolute CRO nerds and provide an insane amount of rich conversion rate optimization tips. The site encourages you to share your test with the community. Along with the site, the creators give lots of wonderful FREE content on their youtube channel:

The content is so powerful it will make you data geeks crave more. So they created an array of excellent products to help increase conversions:

BetterUI, a course to improve your interface design
DataStories, a breakdown of conversion theories along with numbers and analysis. (These are great to show you the correct way to set-up an experiment)
Fastforward, their best templates for pages that convert
Evidence, FREE overview of past tests and results
BetterData, FREE tips on how to implement a test correctly

Number 2: Evil By Design by Chris Nodder

Quick Breakdown: Extremely fun to read and goes beyond the web page.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips - Evil By DesignTo professionals, this might be a strange book to put as number two but don’t run away yet hear me out.  If you are looking for conversion rate optimization tips only stemming from web site properties than this book isn’t for you. This book is very holistic, focusing on developing a product that converts from the ground up (online and offline). It breaks down the whole cycle, from initial product development, the top of the sales funnels then to ultimate conversion. Nodder tears apart conversion in a  unique manner looking through the lens of the 7 deadly sins.

Evil by Design tells you how to leverage the 7 deadly sins for conversion rate optimization. Nooder dissects customer experiences and shows you the science and numbers behind some very useful mind hacks.

Buy Evil By Design on

Number 3: Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions by Tim Ash, Rich Page, and Maura Ginty

Landing Page Optimization BookQuick Breakdown: HUGE book, 440+ pages big, goes over all aspects of CRO, but slightly dated in some respects. If you can only buy one book, this is it.

Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions is the new testament for CRO. It is full of conversion rate optimization tips. This book is for all levels of professionals, from beginners to experts. Although this book was published in 2012, it provides alot of good theory.

Landing Page Optimization goes over theory, breakdowns, and necessary tools. Some of the designs and breakdowns in this book are a bit dated, due to the speed of the internet.  Although dated, it provides a rich history of the roots of CRO. If you apply 90% of the learnings on in today’s setting, you will still be set-up for success.

Purchase this book on

Number 4: Convert! Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion by Ben Hunt

Convert! a conversion rate optimization resourceQuick Breakdown: Great for beginners and goes over the full sales funnel. It marries search engine optimization with conversion rate optimization. Best for those looking for “Free” traffic, not PPC (Pay Per Clicks).

Convert! is two books jammed into one. The first part “Designing for Traffic” quickly goes over search engine optimization fundamentals, how to expand your reach and get traffic, as well as being aware of your ladder (or sales funnel). While it isn’t entirely an search engine optimization book, it does go into the basics rather decently. I mean really if you think about it, if there isn’t any traffic who cares right!?

The second portion is “Designing for Conversion.” Now that we have driven users, how what? Convert! discusses getting user attention, keeping them engaged, and crafting a strong call to action. Overall this book is fantastic for small businesses looking to learn the basics of conversion rate optimization AND search engine optimization.

Buy Convert! on

Tie Number 5 and 6: Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug and Seductive Interaction Design by Stephan Anderson

Quick Breakdown: Best for beginners, UX/UI focused, and fast/easy to read. Wonderful for designers and visual learners.

Seductive Interaction Design and Don’t Make Me Think are geared specifically towards usability. Both authors provide decent conversion rate optimization tips. Although to be frank both books are geared more towards beginners. I think a lot of professionals will find the studies and insights just reinforce lessons they already know. But for those starting out both books have strong examples and images to give insight and theory. These two books are the prettiest and great for visual learners.

Get Seductive Interaction Design and Don’t Make Me Think on

Book: Don't Make Me Think

Seductive Interaction Design

That is my list of “6 Powerhouse Resources for Conversion Rate Optimization Tips”

If you have any questions, or disagree, please voice your opinion in the comments below!

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