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Best Website Design Woodland

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As a developer in Northern California, I love local websites. Here is my list of the best website designs Woodland, California list. Please feel free to comment and send me your favorites. I will add them to the list.

Best Website Design Woodland

1. Best Website Design Woodland: Woodland Chamber of Commerce

Recently re-made the Woodland Chamber of Commerce’s website. I personally think that this site really pops. It appears that the website is built of WordPress, an open source Content Management System. The site has lots of features. Some of these feature include a community calendar where members of Woodland can add local events. A member’s directory, so you can see who is apart of the Woodland Chamber of Commerce. The site really promotes the local community and is a great asset to all Woodland businesses.

Best Website Design Woodland

2. Best Website Design Woodland: Vogt Silversmiths

Vogt Silversmiths sells high quality custom jewelry. They are a gem in Woodland, California that not many know about outside of the western community. This is another web site built by Allied Computer Solutions. This site is built off Magento eCommerce platform. The site allows for people to purchase their high quality western buckles on their site. The user interface allows for visitors to zoom in on the product and see it’s high quality detail. I feel like this site is a great example of a local eCommerce store. This is why it made my best website design Woodland list.

That is my list of the best website designs in Woodland, California. If you feel your local Woodland company should make the list. Feel free to post a comment. I would love to see the great designs.

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