Add Pinterest “Pin It” Button to Magento Product Page.

Want to add a pinterest pin it button to your magento product page. Well it is quite easy and only takes a few steps. You will have your pinterest button working in no time!
First open up your product view.phtml. This file is located in /app/design/frontend/yourtemplate/default/template/catalog/product/view.phtml. Next find the place you want to place it, I recommend next to or above the Quick Description. Add the following code.

Next save this file and upload it.

Finally go to your footer.phtml page, which is located under /app/design/frontend/yourtemplate/default/template/page/html/footer.phtml

At the very bottom of the file add this piece of code:

How to add a Pinterest “Pin It” Button in Magento that includes description and price.

I was requested to provide a code that allows you to add the price to the Pinterest description. This is helpful because pinterest will pull the price from magento and create a nice little price tag on your item’s pin. So how do you do this? Follow the steps in the example above but use this code instead.

Here you will notice one difference, I added the following code:

getFinalPrice(),2)." ";?>

By adding this to the Pinterest description, now your pin will have the price included. The code pulls the magento final product price and places it into the pin’s description. Thus making your pins from magneto to pinterest look something like this:

pinterest pin-it button and price in magento

Now you should have a Pinterest “Pin It” button that brings the prices in from your magento store! Woot woot.