Do You Want to Learn Marketing or Coding? Do You Want to Learn Marketing or Coding?

Web Design Visalia

Locally grown Visalia Code

First Impressions Matter, Especially in Visalia

First impressions online are extremely important! You have less than a second to catch the attention of your visitor. So your website has to attract your audience in a way that makes a lasting impression and helps foster sales.  I work with you to create a beautiful websites and applications that matches your branding, personality, and customers. The goal is to create easy to use sites and applications which in return helps drive business and increase traffic.

It Is More Than Just a Website

A local online presence matters, and having a great looking website can help “seal the deal”.  I develop websites that establish credibility online and get sales. I rely heavily on case studies, design theories, and user behavior to streamline conversions.

Save Money & Control of Your Web Site!

Keep your website current with the latest news, photos, events, messages, and products using an easy to use content management systems (CMS). I teach you how to login to your system using any computer to edit the content on your site or application. Saving your organization money in the long run!

From eCommerce Websites to Mobile Applications; I code it all

Want to sell your products securely online using an easy to use eCommerce platform? Develop a mobile application? Or eliminate overhead by integrating systems into Quickbooks, Salesforce, or another program? 

I have created eCommerce websites, informational sites, and mobile applications.  If you dream it, I can develop it.

My Web Development Process

My process is designed to find your technology weak points, and fix them!


Step 1; I listen because I know that no two projects are the same. One size doesn’t fit all. I will change our methods to fit your organization and project needs. This promotes superior results that our clients love. But first I will sit down and provide you an assessment, preferable over a beer. 


Next it is time to research the competition, the numbers, and your current marketing strategies. After research has been done, we will then sit down to chat. I will show my findings and talk strategy.

Website Wireframing

Now it is time to wireframe. Think of wireframing as a mock-up design where we focus on layout and content to help drive more traffic and results!

The Website Design

It is time to to design. After the wireframe is complete and we have our direction, it is time to add some paint to give you a one of a kind design!


It is time to get into code and develop. I am serious about web design and guarantee to deliver upon my promises. I give you tools to monitor my build-out, and make sure it is progressing in a way you expected

Website Launch

One last time we make sure our ducks are in a row before launch. If the project requires extensive testing, we will test, test, test. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right the first time. Once all of our I’s are dotted we will “finish” the project with a launch.

Recent Web Design Work

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What Makes My Web Design Services Different?

I teach this stuff..

I teach developers how to develop.

My name is Miles Sebesta. I was born and raised in Visalia California where I attended Golden West High School.

After Golden West I went on to graduate from UC Davis. 

Post college, I worked in Sacramento as a lead developer and online marketer before moving back to the Central Valley. 

I currently work for Geekwise Academy and Bitwise Industries as a developer instructor and business consultant.

I am dedicated to bringing the latest and greatest website design to my hometown Visalia, California because I want to see technology change this great valley. 

I am dedicated to teaching the next generation of developers and marketers so that the solutions are community needs are created at home by our neighbors.

I titled this page “Web Design Visalia” because this really matters to me.

When I say “Website Design Visalia” I mean it! You get local code, made by local people.

I won’t outsource your code to China or India. I believe it is important to keep business local and support the local San Joaquin Valley economy, and individuals that are looking to better our community, not take from it!

When you work with me you are getting a website design that was designed, and coded by a local developer.

You are also getting great customer support that is paired with your “Website Design Visalia” service.

Straight Forward Fact; Custom Costs

A custom web site costs twice as much as a template. 

For a custom brochure website expect to pay $6,000+

For a custom eCommerce store look to pay $10,000+

By custom design, I mean custom wireframes, mock-ups, and code / functionality.

Meaning anyone ever mentions the word “template” then your prices should be HALF of what I mentioned above! If you are paying “custom web design” prices for a template you are getting ripped off!

What web technologies do I use?

For basic eCommerce or simple websites you get an easy to maintain and update web site through an online content management system like WordPress or Magento. Custom web applications depend completely on their performance tasks at hand thus either LAMP, MEAN, or MEVN stacks will be used depending on project requirements.

Expect a quick turn around.

The date of completion depends upon the scope of work and time needed to complete a the project. I like to create a great dialogue with you to provide a web site marketed and created directly towards your needs. Please, be weary of any designer that claims they can provide you with a custom website designed in a few weeks. I have been in the website design industry for years and to be frank, it usually takes longer than that for a custom site. The site is probably based upon a template rather than a “custom design”, or corners might be cut. Those who claim such timely turn-a-rounds might have code that leaves your website vulnerable to spam and hackers.  Regardless, these unrealistic dreams will leave a nasty taste in your mouth and hole in your pocket book. I work very direct, give you a fair estimate, and work to make the design perfect to your needs.

Get great, local Visalia website support and customer support.

I am always a phone call, you will not have to be put on hold while you are transferred to some foreign country.

Finally, ask your developer to explain 301 redirects in an easy way!

I believe you should work with people who have the heart of a teacher. Ask your developer about Title Tags, and 301 redirects, if they can’t explain them in a way you understand then find a new developer!


Some of My Past Clients

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