Visalia Web Design

I am dedicated to bringing the latest and greatest website design to Visalia, California. I focus on increasing your business sales and tapping into new markets. I dedicate my time to creating you an easy to use website. I love making websites designed to make your customers fall in love with your product and company.

My professional websites designs are meant to increase sales and decrease your stress. I know how hard it can be to maintain an online marketing strategy and website. So let a seasoned professional web developer accomplish these tasks for you.

Why do you think I titled this page “Visalia Web Design”?

Because when I say “Website Design Visalia” I mean it! I won’t outsource your code to China or India. I believe it is important to keep business local and support the local San Joaquin Valley economy.  I also named it “Website Design Visalia” because I won’t give you a generic WordPress template and claim it as my own.  Unless you want to keep down costs, I create custom code and marketing.  If you want to go the cheaper templated route, I will tell you the costs associated with it straight up. Generally a custom web site costs twice as much as a template.  However, I will not claim that I created the site when it was simply a template. So when I title a page “Website Design Visalia”, I mean you are getting a website design that was generated and created in Visalia.  You are also getting great customer support that is paired with your “Website Design Visalia” service.

What do you get with one of my local Visalia web site designs?

You get an easy to maintain and update web site through an on-line content management system. I am experienced creating websites from content management systems like WordPress, Drupal. I am also very proficient in Magento’s eCommerce system. If you don’t believe me, check out my blog and look at all the code I post. I can also create you a custom system based around your project’s needs. With me you won’t get a template, you get custom Visalia grown code.

I understand the local Web site Design Market.  I know the competition and will generate a great user interface designed to maximize sales and leads.

I currently work for Geekwise Academy where I teach young minds web development and online marketing. I know what is needed to generate revenue. I can help design you successful landing pages, decrease bounce rate, and increase profits. These skills are developed over time, it takes years of proper training to absorb the psychology behind website design. I also know the local Visalia, California market, I know what works and what doesn’t.  We will create a website together that blows your local competition away!

With my Visalia web site design services expect an extremely quick turn around.

The date of completion depends upon the scope of work and time needed to complete a the project. I like to create a great dialogue with you to provide a web site marketed and created directly towards your needs. Please, be weary of any designer that claims they can provide you with a custom website designed in a few weeks. I have been in the website design industry for years and to be frank, it usually takes longer than that for a custom site. The site is probably based upon a template rather than a “custom design”, or corners might be cut. Those who claim such timely turn-a-rounds might have code that leaves your website vulnerable to spam and hackers.  Regardless, these unrealistic dreams will leave a nasty taste in your mouth and hole in your pocket book. I work very direct, give you a fair estimate, and work to make the design perfect to your needs.

Get great, local Visalia website support and customer support from me.

I am always a phone call away and you know you will get me. You will not have to be put on hold while you are transferred to some foreign country.

So if you have an idea for a website design, and located in Visalia, please contact me. I would love to give you a direct quote.