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7 Tips to Get Real Twitter Followers, Real Quick

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Gaining real Twitter followers organically is hard. So hard that this is why some growth hacker experts will suggest buying your first few thousand. But, I don’t think that is very fun also it is shady. I believe it is better to have an organic and natural following rather than one you paid five bucks on Fiverr to make.

So how the heck do you create an audience. Lots of lists will tell you real vague answers like post frequently or make good content. What the heck does “make good content” even really mean? That is like saying, “to be a good baseball hitter you just have to swing a bat.” Really? Is it that simple? Seriously people, if you think “make good content” good advice to give then maybe you should focus on making better content yourself you mouth breather.

Now before we start here is my rule when starting a new campaign. Whenever you tweet, it should be good enough to convince at least one person to follow you. If a person doesn’t follow you after you tweet, then you wasted time. Over time, you will shift that goal to 2 per tweet or more. So that means you have to come up with something meaningful to say, think that sending out coupons or articles over and over again are going to work? H to the no. Again just make good content… whatever the heck that freaking means.

Okay so in all seriousness here are some tips on how to gain more followers for your Twitter account beyond just saying make better stuff.

Tip 1: Tweet about a subject that you freaking love, not one you just kind of like.

Seriously why the hell waste your time talking about something you don’t love. I mean freaking love! Something you dream about knowing or are already an expert about, it can be anything, Star Wars, Model Cars, Makeup. If you are not an expert, then follow influencers. Then here is the tip… pretend.

Yeah, I said it be confident and act like you are an expert. No one on Twitter has any clue if you are an expert or not. The beauty is the more you talk like an expert, the more you read, the faster you will become an expert. Fake it till you make it my friend. They say the fastest way to learn is to teach, so teach your butt off!

Tip 2: Don’t retweet.

Retweets don’t do anything for you.. If your effort doesn’t get you, at least, one new follower, then you just wasted your time. Now when I say don’t retweet, what I mean is don’t just hit that lazy retweet button and call it a day. Why? A simple retweet doesn’t make you reach new people. Right now your goals should be to reach new people and add to the conversation. Retweeting doesn’t do that.

Tip 3: Retweet, but with quotes.

Okay, wait what? I just yelled at you about retweeting! Yeah, you are right. But in this cause, you should retweet with quotes. Why is it okay to quote but not a simple retweet? Well, I shall tell you. Because you have to write some stuff when you quote, which is what social media and the Twitter machine is all about. Oh god, you have to think and contribute? Yep… lazy bum.

I will make it easier for you. I don’t want you to hurt that pretty little head of yours. When you are quoting, I have found these two choices make it easy and painless. When you quote a tweet do one of the following:

Add to the quote in the form of an interesting tip, fact, or famous quote.

Add better hashtags.

Both of these actions add to the conversation. In both cases, you sort of highjack original content for your use. If done correct then you should be adding value. A proper tip, fact, or quote can add to the conversation. Also placing better hashtags can be very helpful because often quotable tweets are too long for adding proper hashy marks.

Tip 4: Add freaking hashtags to your Tweets, seriously.

This one should be freaking common sense because it is gawsh dang twitter. But really, there are so many people that don’t add proper hashtags. Make sure you use at least one, but 2 or 3 work well.

Don’t try to be a comedian with your hashtags. If I am tweeting about marketing, maybe I use #marketing or #business. This isn’t rocket-brain surgery. Use common sense, don’t add #allday or #100 if you are trying to reach the CEO of a tech startup.

Lastly, I like to format my tweets where hashtags are at the end. Place them in a new paragraph at the end. This makes it easier for people to read, which is what it is all freaking about.

Tip 5: People love emoji or images.

This sounds so dumb, but you should add a picture or an emoji to your Tweet. Personally, I hate emojis, but people eat it up like candy. Also for some reason, three emojis are better than just one or two. Send that dude a smiley face, guys love smiley faces. But you should send him three I guess… 😀 😀 😀

Tip 6: Change that dang egg icon.

Tip number six to get real Twitter followers is easy, if you have an egg as your avatar, you are not going to make it chief, update your icon and add a short profile with hashtags.

Tip 7 for gaining real Twitter followers: Read a lot and become a Twitter expert.

Read and listen a lot! Do it every day. Now as a starting point there are a few books I would recommend. Most books just say nonsense and don’t give specific examples.  Here are two that I recommend because they break down what works and doesn’t on the interwebs.

  1. First recommended book: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World
  2. Second book: Likeable Social Media, Revised and Expanded: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Amazing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and More

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