Do You Want to Learn Marketing or Coding? Do You Want to Learn Marketing or Coding?

Two Geeks Teaching – Brand Mapping

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View the Brand Map Herezies.

What the heck is a Brand Map?

The version of the brand map we are working with shown to us from Bertz Rosa. It is a hybrid version of the lean module start-up geared towards designers and creatives. It is a template to learn more about client product’s and expectations for your campaign or website build.

Video Chat about Brand Maps and Client Interviews

Students are starting internships with real companies. They will be working together to create a website and online marketing campaign for local businesses. This week 100+ students conducted interview phone calls and in-person meetings! This video was just a quick recap the first day of meetings.

Hello World! (About Two Geeks Teaching)

Jason Cooksey and I (Miles Sebesta), have the pleasure of being classroom consultants at Patino High School of Entrepreneurship in Fresno, California. We both work for Geekwise Academy where our mission is to teach students skills needed for high-paying technology sector jobs. Both of us have been working in the online marketing & website industries development for many years. Now we get to give back to the students and community!

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