SERP Stands For? What SERP & Organic Means in SEO

What does SERP Stands for? Watch the video below.

SERP Stands For? What SERP & Organic Means in SEO

SERP Stands For? Video Transcription

The first word I want to introduce you to is Google Adwords. Google Adwords, if you take a look at my screen, I have a search for cars for sale.

SERP Stands for Search Engine Results Page
SERP Stands For Search Engine Results Page

Now, Google Adwords are these ads up here. If you are searching on Google and you do not have an ad blocker like I don’t have on my Safari right now and you see ad or maybe it is highlighted if you are in Edge, these are Adwords.

These words up here are paid, meaning that this first position, this is the one position, two position and three position. This first position, CarMax paid for it, so every time someone clicks on this link up here, Google makes money. Now, this is one major way that Google makes money, is through their advertisements.

What does Organic Mean for SEO? And Where are they Shown on the SERP?

Down here, down below, everything below this ad is called ‘organic search’. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in to play. The people right here are not paying Google to be listed right here. And generally, a lot of people click on this first ones, I mean of course, people click on these advertisements but this first spot in ‘organic’ is really where you’re trying to be; the higher, the better.

With paid search, Google Adwords, the way it works is that the moment you stop paying, the moment they stop playing. Meaning, if CarMax stops paying right now for this search spot in Google Adwords, then True Car bumps up and another one comes down below.

Again, Adwords is pay-per-click, that means pay-per-click, PPC, that’s another acronym you might hear is PPC – pay per click. And there’s another way you can do it which is pay-per-impression. Now, most people when they’re talking about paid advertisements, it’s pay-per-click.

Now, pay per click doesn’t just mean on Google, it could also mean on Facebook. So, on Facebook, there’s advertisements, there are some schemes that you pay per click – meaning every time someone pays on a like or clicks a ‘like’ or clicks on the article, Facebook gets paid. So, pay-per-click is not just for Google Adwords. Again, ads up here, Ad Words; ads down below, where it doesn’t say ‘ad’ or isn’t highlighted, this is organic.

So, that’s really the first introduction, that’s the first thing I wanted to go over when it comes to vocabulary. Again, paid advertisement on Google is called Google Adwords.

What does SERP Stands for?

If it’s on this page, this page is actually another one that I’ll throw at you, which is SERP – Search Engine Results Page, so this is the SERP page. So, if you hear me say ‘SERP’, that means this page right here – Search Engine Results Page. And again, a Search Engine’s Result Page isn’t just for Google; if you’re using a Bing, anything that’s listed on Bing, that’s a Search Engine Results Page; or if you go to, let’s say, YouTube and you do a search, that’s also a SERP as well, that’s Search Engine Results Page.