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Color Coding your Keys in Maya

I like to color code my key’s and inbetween key’s when animating in Maya. However, I do not like using Maya’s default between keys. Why? because whenever you place in a between key in maya it will move and slide around when adjusting keys around it. Below are two examples of the problem. The red ticks are keys and the green is an in-between.


Afters sliding the right key over one:

As you can see the green tick slides into an gross position. It isn’t on an actual frame. To prevent this from happening you have to do a little mel scripting magic.

Here is how you can fix the problem if you like colored in-betweens like I do.
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Animation Inspiration – Blip

Here is a cute animation from Ben Harper and Sean Mullen. About two rival aliens, the red and blue.

I love the simple story line and design. A brilliant little piece of animation.

Blip from Giant Creative on Vimeo.

Stay young, watch animation.

A Monster in Paris

This is a simply beautiful animation. I love it, I have watched it so many times. Very elegant and never gets old.

I hope you enjoyed this animation as much as I do. Stay inspired.

A Monster In Paris (English) La Seine from kinkachu on Vimeo.

Animation Cleanup –
Quicktime tip

After weeks of working\staring that the same 10 seconds of animation your eyes can start to betray you.  It seems to me that when you do a task over and over again often our brain starts to take over and ignore the rest of your body.  In highschool my music instructor would always scream at the band, “Read the sheet music don’t listen to the melody in your head.”  After days and days of practicing the same piece of music over and over again the rhythms would morph into what we liked rather than what we saw.   [Read more…]

Elk Hair Caddis by Tumblehead

An awesome animated short named Elk Hair Caddis from Tumblehead on Vimeo.

Animation Inspiration –
New Müller – wünderful stuff

Here is another does of animation inspiration. This one is a great add from New Müller.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a world like this? Filled with all of your favorite animated characters.

Dry Erase Markers,
an animators best friend

Sometimes trackers and gizmos make it more complicated to track arcs in an animation than needed.  Instead of wasting valuable time trying to fix the silly thing it is best to just whip out your handy dandy dry erase marker.  The best thing about a dry erase marker is you don’t have to keep updating the software and it doesn’t break (unless it runs out of ink or you chew on it ) .  So just go to your local rite-aid and by some dry erase markers.  Then come back home and start drawing on your monitor.

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Animation by Jim Bianco

ELEVATOR OPERATOR an animation by Jim Bianco

S/M/L animation from Tendril

S/M/L from TENDRIL on Vimeo.

Thought of You animation
from Ryan Woodward

Here is some stunning animation by Ryan Woodward

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.