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Best Animation Sites

So you are looking for the best animation sites well look no more. This is a directory of animation related topics and sites for you to check out.  Honestly, your search term is pretty vague, so I am going to provide a few different scenarios and help point you in the right direction. I have hand currated a list to try to solve your query for the best animation sites.

Why am I doing this? I am a nerd and love animation things. I actually animate and am a web developer, so this search has items that go hand in hand. Let’s start with the scenarios.

Where you looking for the best animation news websites? Or the best animation industry websites?

Here is a quick list of websites about what is going on in the animation industry. All three update about latest productions, technology, and events going on in the animation industry.

Where you looking for best websites that have animation?

I am guessing you might be looking for websites that have some cool animation effects. Perhaps some parallax or things popping in and out as you scroll down the page. In this case, I have included some tutorial links and inspiration.

With these examples, I expect you know the basics of HTML, CSS, and Vanilla Javascript.

Where you looking for best sites for learning animation?

Perhaps you are looking for ways to learn how to animate. If that is the case you have definitely stumbled upon the right lists. First I would suggest to check out these books, I know it isn’t a site, but still. Also, I created a post “best resources for learning animation”. You can read it, or if not, this is a fast breakdown of the websites on that list.

Where you looking for best animation sites for inspiration?

Here are some of my favorite animation sites for inspiration. They have wonderful forms and communities. Check them out.

Best Free Animation Software

Best free animation software for download

So you are interested in studio animation but can’t afford the software? Yeah me too. Luckily we are in “the era of the nerd”. Fellow geeks have created studio quality free animation software we can download and use for our projects. Because dang, industry standard animation software suites are damn expensive. So I have hand curated a list of software solutions that I believe are currently the best free animation software. I mean really, how do they expect to train more professionals if we can’t afford the software? Buying spaghetti, a.k.a. “fancy top ramen” is a stretch for some college students let alone a five hundred dollar piece of software. I mean really, who can afford these animation programs? Rich people?
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Best Animation Resources
for Learning Animation

Best Animation Resources <br/>for Learning Animation

While I am not a professional Animator, yet, I am a student. But, I believe that like all professions everyone is always learning something new. So I decided to create a list of the “6 best animation resources for learning animation”.  This is a list of resources to help individuals looking to pursue animation as a profession, career, or hobby. These resources are geared towards the art of animation, not the technical, like how to use a software.  I believe you should learn the craft before you learn the software. Some of the resources are books, some of them are web sites, some are free, some cost money. So let’s start my list of the top and best animation resources.  Please feel free to disagree, or comment below, growth is made through sharing resources and ideas!
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I am not going to lie, and just come out and say it, I am sort of a Kenny Roy fan boy. I really enjoy I believe that anyone who is starting out in animation should subscribe to his site. It is wonderful for people who are deciding if they want to pursue animation, students, and young professionals. Here are the reason why I think everyone should join Kenny Roy at his site. Now, this is a review of the site, not the person. I don’t know him personally but every interaction I have had with him, he seems very wonderful and friendly. So keep that in mind when reading this post. I will provide five reasons why you should join and a few minor cons.

Pro’s to

1. Kenny Roy provides fresh exciting lectures.

I know that I said this isn’t about Kenny Roy the person but in some ways it is… now I have probably lost you… Kenny Roy creates the content for the site, and his content is AMAZING. His lectures are always fresh, and you can tell he has thought about the subject intensely before placing it on a webcast. His lectures and posts are always relevant because he actually listens to his user base. Often lectures are based around experiences he is having in his studio, student work he sees, or questions he often hears. How can you not respect and like that?

2. Kenny Roy does weekly Video Questions.

Again, going along the lines of fresh content, Mr. Roy answers posted questions once a week in a online 20 minute miniature lecture. So not only do you get one main lecture a month, you get four mini-lectures. Honestly at first I didn’t these were real questions, I thought he made them up… One day I worked up the courage to ask a question. Next week, yeah I got a personal 20 minute lecture from a professional animator. This helped me a ton when going through Animation Mentor. Yes, other animation learning institutions will help provide feedback but this was an actual lecture, geared towards me. Now this doesn’t happen with every question, but it will when it matters most.

3. gives you the “AnimGym”.

Here is Mr. Roy’s explanation of the “AnimGym”.

Each month, I will post an assignment in the Forums. Create your animated test and upload your progress to the animgym dropbox at the end of the month. Give comments on others’ work, and receive some notes on your own from animators here. When the month is over, I will schedule a LIVE WEBCAST during which I will give a critique to ALL of the members. Non-members can still participate in the AnimGym, you will just not receive a critique.

So basically, you can get reviewed every month by a professional animator and it is already included in your costs, this is insane. I don’t know how he has the energy do to all of these things, plus run a studio. Kenny Roy has more energy up than a cheetah on Redbull. But seriously, as a student who finished an animation program, I know the value of getting professional feedback. It is nice to know there is a place that will help continue to refine your skills without costing a small fortune.

4. Kenny Roy, the man, cares about animation.

I know I said that this isn’t about the person Kenny Roy, but it is hard to keep him out of the spot light. Following Mr. Roy, you can tell he actually cares about students and the industry. This is quite refreshing since the craft is hard and it is a tough industry to get your foot in the door.

5. The Community

Kenny Roy is trying to foster an animation community on his web site. It is always great to get feedback from other animators on your tests. Feedback is everything, so use it and get it!
The Cons of

1. The User Interface

As a web developer, I would like to see an updated user interface. But, I cannot say much since I have not updated my site’s design in a while and my own personal site needs a more help than

2. The additional cost for past lectures

I understand the costs but as a cheap internet user I would like to see all past videos in the vault without having to purchase them. Some of the videos in the past are really good, I would like to watch them again, but honestly U don’t want to pay again. I would suggest that Kenny puts a higher price on the membership and allows access to all material. I think that people would pay a lot more than what he is charging to see everything he has, since it is all so good. But, I understand it is a business with costs and his time is worth money.

Want more animation resources?

Read my review of the best resources for learning animation or list of top ten animation books.

A wonderful web site for those looking to refine their animation skills, get monthly lectures, and review of their work.
4.5 / 5 stars

Best Animation Lectures

I love lectures about the principles of animation. Here are a few I have found are the best, some of them cost money, but are worth it. These lectures are meant for a wide range of skills, from beginners to advanced. These lectures are not meant to supplement traditional learning, but it should enhance your learning process.
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Animation Mentor Spike Start8

I was a bit bored so I created a Start Menu 8 for Animation Mentor.  I used Animation Mentor’s Spike, let me know what you think.

Get’s Start Menu 8

Off State:

Hover State:


On State:


Click Here to Download

Copy the image files into the following location
C:\Program Files(x86)\IObit\Start Menu 8\StartButtonSkin

Animation Demo Reel Tips – Are Viewers Bored? Get the Real Results


Animation is all about getting reviews and feedback. If you get great feedback from mentors, peers, family, and friends you are going to make your work better and stronger. While there are many great sites, and schools, that foster creativity and feedback, all methods really lack one vital piece of information. When do people get bored and stop watching your reel? Well in this animation demo reel tip I will shed some light on these questions.
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Animation Inspiration – Scar from Lion King Pencil Test

Andreas Deja: Scar from Lion King/ Part 1 from Jamaal Bradley on Vimeo.

Here is a beautiful pencil test from Andreas Deja. The pencil test can be found on Jamaal Bradley’s vimeo account.

Notice the subtle acting choices. Scar is given so much live and emotion without going too crazy. Disney does an amazing job at not “over animating” their characters. Something that I know I often do in my animations. Subtle is sweet, so keep it simple.

Personally I know I will be studying this shot frame by frame. The body mechanics and weight sing. You can feel the weight of scar as he stands up from a seated positions. A truly inspiring animation for every young animator. This clip has very working principle of animation, I just love it.

Kenny Roy announces An Animation Collaboration

Animation Collaboration

Kenny Roy, the owner of Arconyx Animation Studios, announces (Collabs). (Collabs) is meant to bridge the gap between animation school and the production pipeline.   What is Collabs?  It is going to be an intense eight week production course where students will meet daily, have industry leading instructors give a daily lecture, receive dailies and full access to,  all while providing “live” industry production experience.

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Best Animation Books – Top 10 Books for Artists, Fans, and Students

Best Animation Books - Top 10 Books for Artists, Fans, and Students

Here is my 10 best animation books list. Like any art form, reading these books will not make you an amazing animator. However, these animation books will provide insights from the legends of animation. The beautiful illustrations made by some of the best artists in the world are inspiring to all ages. You will find that all of these books are enjoyable. These animation books will spark the imagination. They will help when you are in a technical rut. Even non-animators will find these books amazing to gaze over.

I have comprised a list of what I think are the ten most wonderful animation books. Now before you read this list I want to put it out there… I am not a professional animator. At least not yet, I am working on it. I will update this post when I am. Since I am still a young animator I can freshly reflect how important and helpful these books have been towards my education of the art-form. These are the greatest animation books on the market. I feel any person serious about animation should purchase these books. Most of my mentors and friends have all of these books on their shelves. I think you should too! In this list I have indicated a few of the best animation books for beginners. I hope you enjoy the list, now let’s get started.
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