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Kenny Roy announces An Animation Collaboration

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Animation Collaboration

Kenny Roy, the owner of Arconyx Animation Studios, announces (Collabs). (Collabs) is meant to bridge the gap between animation school and the production pipeline.   What is Collabs?  It is going to be an intense eight week production course where students will meet daily, have industry leading instructors give a daily lecture, receive dailies and full access to,  all while providing “live” industry production experience.

How does animation collaboration from Collabs differ from online courses and brick-and-mortar schools?

Students will be treated as partners (collaborators).  Each session will create original intellectual property.  Kenny Roy will then attempt to sell the intellectual property to publishers.  Any profit made will be evenly distributed among the animation collaboration participants.   In an essence you are making an investment of time, and small investment in money, to learn animation. But, you have the potential to earn your returns back through the intellectual property. The dream goal is to turn the animation industry on it’s head and allow for animators to become investors and owners of the intellectual property they create.  However, do not expect to make your money back.  Kenny Roy suggests to consider as an awesome production experience where you have the potential to earn the money back, but in life there are no guarantees. 

The group will come up with the ideas for the project and then product a final product.  The project possibilities could range from a T.V. short to small advertisement spots.

Ultimately will link up with to provide Collabs all over the globe.

Kenny Roy wants to produce amazing intellectual properties. The goal is to have Collabs, in two or three years , be approached by studios for work.  Again, each collaborator would have a piece of the pie. While this is not a guarantee, it is a great dream.

Who is invited to be a collaborator at

Everyone.  New animators, junior animators, students, alumni.  If you have a passion for animation apply for Collabs at  However, these workshops will be geared towards junior\students so if you have production experience, and are a senior animator, this might not be a right fit for you (at least until Collabs grows into a studio).

How many people can attend  the animation collaboration and how much does it cost?

Collabs cost is $3999 USD for onsite collaborators and $2799 USD online animation collaborators.  The project will be taking 12 onsite (two spots are already taken so 10) collaborators and 24 online collaborators. Students are expected to work about 40 per week.  Those working onsite will do it at Arconyx Animation Studios located in Southern California.

How is Collabs at different from students paying to be an intern?

Interns, and employees, at larger studios do not own the  intellectual property rights.  Meaning that large investors get the money while students worked long hours for little to no pay (but they do gain industry experience).  At Collabs,, each team member is a collaborator that gets a cut (if the product makes money).

To sign up visit to join the animation collaboration. The first animation collaboration will be from May 27 – July 19.  The collaboration will then be attending Siggraph to display their film.  The application due date is May 6, 2013.

Visit to watch the video and also find out more information about becoming apart of the animation collaboration.

*Edit (Bonus)

Since there is a potential for profit, which software will be used during the collaboration?

Yes, since money can be made Collabs collaboration will require a commercial version of Maya.  Autodesk offers a 90-day fixed term license for $199 USD.  

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