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Dry Erase Markers,
an animators best friend

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Sometimes trackers and gizmos make it more complicated to track arcs in an animation than needed.  Instead of wasting valuable time trying to fix the silly thing it is best to just whip out your handy dandy dry erase marker.  The best thing about a dry erase marker is you don’t have to keep updating the software and it doesn’t break (unless it runs out of ink or you chew on it ) .  So just go to your local rite-aid and by some dry erase markers.  Then come back home and start drawing on your monitor.

Yes I said it draw on your monitor.  If you are afraid of ruining your monitor then you will need to buy some more supplies.  I would also do this too if you are working on a school computer, you wouldn’t want to get kicked out of school because you are vandalizing with dry erase markers.  So when  you are at rite-aid by some clear laminate paper protectors and some tape.  You can then just cut the paper protectors in half and tape it onto your screen, then tada you are ready to roll.

If you do use laminate to protect your screen make sure you wipe off the dry erase maker ink when it is still wet.  It is a pain to wash off when they are dry.  I personally got sick of it and just draw directly on my LCD monitor.  I just clean it off with a tissue.  It probably isn’t the best thing for the monitors but hey they are still working and it has been nearly two years.

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