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Best Animation Lectures

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I love lectures about the principles of animation. Here are a few I have found are the best, some of them cost money, but are worth it. These lectures are meant for a wide range of skills, from beginners to advanced. These lectures are not meant to supplement traditional learning, but it should enhance your learning process.

Best Animation Lectures: Kenny Roy’s October 2012 Lecture – Double Your Speed, Double Your Fun

This lecture costs Non-Member Price $23.95 and Member Price $9.95. This animation lecture can be purchased here.

If you are not a member of you should be! Kenny Roy provides a great resource for young animators. Every month Kenny puts up video lectures about different subjects, answers questions, and does reviews for members! How awesome is that? Kenny is a wonderful guy and actually cares about you and the state of the industry. Anyway, why this lecture is meant for those who want to increase their workflow. The lecture focuses on tips, to become a faster animator. I won’t give away Kenny’s secrets, but his lecture will change your views on animation and becoming better at the craft. This lecture is meant for intermediates and beginners who want to learn the craft.

Best Animation Lectures: Jason Ryan’s Fundamental Series

This lecture series costs $15.00 This animation lecture can be purchased here.

This is a series of three animation lectures. Jason Ryan provides amazing lectures, I would suggest buying all the different series on his site if you have the funds. Jason’s lectures are to the point and easy to understand. In this lecture series Jason Ryan goes over different animation fundamentals. The first lecture focuses on Timing and Spacing, the second on Drag, Overlap, and Follow Through, the last in the series talks about Weight and Balance. Personally, I think that the third lecture, about weight and balance is the strongest of the lessons. This lecture goes over issues that most young animators suffer with when dealing with weight. Jason’s lecture on weight will open up your eyes on how to understand weight and add it to your animations!

Best Animation Lectures: Francis Jasmin’s Hip Tutorial

This free youtube video is great. It is meant for beginners but puts into perspective what the hips are doing during a walk cycle. New animators often don’t focus on the hips, but they should, they are the root of the character and determine the weight and balance of the character. Like the foundation to a house, if you don’t have a correct base, the hips, then everything else will be off. I suggest that people extensively study how the hips work, it will help you with physicality later on!

Best Animation Lectures: Matt Doble’s Showing Weight Lecture

Another free youtube video. This one is from the animation school. This is a great tutorial about how to show weight in an object. This tutorial reminds me a lot of Jason Ryan’s various video tutorials about weight. This video helps you understand how to create the illusion of weight.

I hope you like my short list of what I feel are some of the best animation lecture’s online. I would suggest joining and buying ALL of Jason Ryan’s videos. Both resources are great for beginning animators. Please comment and place links to your favorite animation lectures. I always enjoy learning new techniques!

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