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Animation Cleanup –
Quicktime tip

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After weeks of working\staring that the same 10 seconds of animation your eyes can start to betray you.  It seems to me that when you do a task over and over again often our brain starts to take over and ignore the rest of your body.  In highschool my music instructor would always scream at the band, “Read the sheet music don’t listen to the melody in your head.”  After days and days of practicing the same piece of music over and over again the rhythms would morph into what we liked rather than what we saw.  This happens to me when animating.  To get over this I will often flip the video sequence horizontally.  Personally I prefer to playblast from maya into quicktime.  Then in quicktime I will flip the canvas.  You will be amazed at how many issues in your animation you can catch with a new set of eyes.

Here is how to flip your playblast in quicktime pro:

First open the file and go to Window > Show Movie Properties.

Next, highlight the “Video Track” in the pop up window. Then select the button circled in the image below.

Now close the window and play your animation!

Hope this takes your animation to the next level.  Happy animating.


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