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Animation Clean Up –
Tracking Arcs With Sketch it!

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When doing clean-up work sometimes it is hard to track the arcs. There are a few ways that animators can track and figure out the arcs of a motion. One, use an arc tracker program and track it in Maya. Two, and easiest way, get a dry erase marker and plot points on the screen. But using a dry erase marker on your screen might leave it dirty. Also, sometimes arc trackers are more complicated than need be.

For those that want to take a traditional dry erase marker approach but don’t want to get their screen dirty then there is an alternative method. What is the solution? download a program like “Sketch It” for windows computers. It took me a long time to find a sketching program that worked well on windows. For apple there are a few of them already out there just google “apple, drawing on screen”. But, for us poor PC users I would suggest using Sketch It. Sketch it is free and works perfectly with Maya. It isn’t bloated, full of spyware, or have any  viruses. You can download the program from will provide you with a “secure download” if you don’t believe me.

I hope this makes animating arcs a bit easier for you.

Happy animating.

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