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3d Animation Demo Reel

About my 3d Animation Demo Reel

I am a junior/entry level animator with some freelance experience. To improve my skills I have been focusing my animation tests and reel on body mechanics and locomotion. Studying the kinesiology of birds, four-legged mammals, and humans. I am striving to get a better understanding of weight and mechanics, which are very elusive to us junior animators.

I am extremely passionate about computer animation.  I was a student of Animation Mentor’s animals and creatures master class. I also completed their character animation program while working full time as a frontend web developer and online marketer. Since being in the animation program I have received tons of great remarks from my wonderful instructors.  Below are some examples:

Miles – You work hard and your assignments are always on time. I thought your shot was funny and original. Your performances are good and timing works well for the most part. I like that you pay attention to the details and apply it to your shot. Your shot made great progress over the term. With a few more refinements next class it will be there. Good luck!

and here is another one…

I really enjoyed having Miles in my class this session. I put down good but it’s a REALLY Strong GOOD!!!He was a very enthusiastic student and had a strong willingness to learn. Over the course of the session his work improved with each assignment bringing the quality level of his work up. The areas of timing and spacing improved over the course of this session. Miles showed a willingness to take direction and do the revisions to not only better his grade but, to better his understanding of movement. As well over this session Miles sensibilities as an animator grew adding little bit of business in his work to bring the work up another notch from where he first started in the class. You poses got stronger over the course of this session with stronger dynamics and better silhouettes.

While I might lack experience working in the animation industry, I come with a lot of experience with web development and coding. Some of the nerdy languages I know are javascript, html5, and python. Recently, I have started to generate javascript and python based animations. Javascript animations to improve user experience on websites and python to develop virtual reality games. However, I have not produced anything I have felt powerful enough in those disciplines to include in my 3d animation demo reel.