Do You Want to Learn Marketing or Coding? Do You Want to Learn Marketing or Coding?

Helping You Develop

Into a Nerdy Entrepreneur

Technology & Teaching Are My Kung-Fu

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Clients and Students

I have worked with thousands of students, companies, and businesses.

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Hours of Teaching

From co-teaching, meet-ups, conferences, and video instruction. 

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Hours of Coding

12 years of full stack development and SEM marketing experience.

I'm Not Your Typical "Technology Consultant"

For 10 years I was working as a full-stack web developer & SEM Marketer until Geekwise Academy and Fresno Unified School District changed my life. 

The Heart of a Teacher

In 2015, Geekwise Academy & Fresno Unified School District took a chance on starting the first ever public entrepreneurship focused high school in the United States.

Unlike traditional schools, this school wanted “real world” experiences. Geekwise Academy was consulted to help start, develop curriculum, and co-teach marketing and development classes for the Patino School of Entrepreneurship.

Learning How to teach from the Best

I was fortunate enough to co-teach with some of the best teachers in the United States. 

Quickly I was became versed in classroom management, flipped classroom, QFT, and growth mindset techniques. 

Techniques I utilize today for all my teaching opportunities, be it a classroom, presentation, or consultation meeting.

Courses I've Taught

Through Geekwise, I have worked with several school districts, client’s, and organizations to develop and teach various lessons subjects including:

  • WordPress Development
  • Custom Application Design
  • Javascript (MEAN Stack)
  • PHP (LAMP Stack)
  • Video Game Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO Marketing
  • PPC Marketing
  • A/B Testing & User Interface Design

Continuously Developing

To stay sharp at instructing I have to keep pushing myself!

Meaning, if you live in Visalia, California and need a custom web shopping cart, business site, or web application. I am your nerdy friend.

Get local original Visalia web site designs and code. Born and raised here in Visalia, not outsourced.

Having Miles as a mentor was one of the turning points of my life and the beginning of my career. As my instructor during an internship back in 2016, Miles provided me with web development training through real-world projects and demonstrated the importance of teamwork and leadership.

I don’t know anyone who knows their trade better than Miles. Even after my internship ended I would regularly go to Miles for help and feedback on projects I was working on or for advice on both life and career.

Austin Verburg

Front-end Developer

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