My name is Miles Sebesta. I am professional web site designer. I have five years of experience at various professional web site design firms from around the central valley.

A few years ago I graduated from the University of California, Davis. At UC Davis I studied a new subject entitled Technocultural Studies. I am sure you are saying at this point… What the wha?! techno-wha?

So here is a little explanation of the infamous Technocultural Studies Major:

Technocultural Studies concentrates on transdisciplinary approaches to artistic, culture and scholarly production in contemporary media …

Basically if fine arts, engineering, and sociology combined together it would be technocultural studies… Because of my studies I have extensive knowledge in digital art programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Illustrator, Photoshop, Final Cut Studio, and Maya.

My website design experience:

Currently website design pays my bills. I work for a company named Allied Computer Solutions where I am a website designer and programmer. I know php, javascript, html, css, and a little bit of actionscript. Meaning, if you ever need a web shopping cart, a content management system, or something custom, I am your nerdy friend.  I have extensive knowledge developing websites based off WordPress, and Magento.  If you need a website design please feel free to contact me about my services.

My animation skills:

While website design is my current occupation my real passion lies in animation. More specifically 3d animation. After college I decided to enroll in Animation Mentor to pursue my dreams of becoming an animator. I converted my old web site into this new ANIMATION BLOG because animation is too awesome not to do such silly things. If you would like to learn more about my animation experience please read my blog section or look at my animation page!



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